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Beer & Food Suggestions

We can help you with your food pairings.  Contact us with what you had in mind for a beer or food selection at your gathering. 

(small fees apply)

Beer Education 101

Ever wanted to know what style of beers are out there?  We can plan a 1 hour education on beer styles or specific styles.

(fees apply)

Beer Tapas Party

Let's Plan a small plate party for your closest friends.  We can pick a theme and run with it... 

- Cheers

(fees apply)

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Beer of the Week!

Beer of the Week.

Need I say more...

And the beer of the week is........Coming Soon:)

What's Trending in Beer?

Yeah , Yeah, Yeah.

New England Style IPA's

Double Dry Hopped Everything. - Cheers, - Cheers!

About Us


My name is Scott.  I have been exploring the world of craft beer and food for almost 20 years. My passion has brought me to discover great beer, great food, wonderful people and most of all...

The Story of MY LIFE :)

What We Do

My mission is to bring together the every day craft beer drinker and the foodie in all of us. At craftbeerfoodie.com we have a place to share our experiences and a place to WOW one another.

My Expierience

I work for the most highly awarded Supermarket in the nation.  I have Managed Old World Cheese Shops for 8 years.  Trained in Wisconsin for a week to learn about cheese. Managed Seafood & Meat Departments. Managed Market Cafe's and spent many years in the Kitchen. My Passion is hosting and preparing Craft Beer Dinners and paring beer with food...hence craftbeerfoodies.com - CHEERS!

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Craft Beer & Foodies


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It's 5:00pm Somewhere...Anytime - Cheers!


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